Stick It To The Man: Perspectives On Reddit’s Retail Traders

Stick It To The Man Reddit vs Wall Street Bankers The Pensive Nugget Collections

What will the Reddit Retail Rampage of 2021 turn out to be? Will it, like most things that abruptly enter the mainstream’s consciousness, slide out of time and memory? Will it turn out to be something more than what currently resembles nothing but the final gasp of speculative fervor that so commonly marks the end of bull markets?

While attention and headlines were focused on the herd behavior of a select group of Reddit users and the hapless retail brokerages caught in the crossfire of the whole “Retail vs Wall St Bankers”narrative, little was said about the rampant speculation that the episode ignited in the broader retail investing world. How will this play out for the bank accounts of all involved?

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Revenge Of The Reddit Retail Trader? History Says No

It’s impossible to go anywhere now without hearing, or reading about Gamestop, Reddit, and short squeezes. In normal times it would be close to impossible for these 3 names together, to reach the international consciousness. 

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How Bubble Traders Sow The Seeds Of Their Own Destruction

Tragedy market bubble burst

There is nothing wrong with making a quick buck in the market. Although the real issue in times such as these is not whether one can make a quick buck; it’s if one does make a quick buck, what next?

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Why It Sucks To Be A Regulator Right Now Part 1

Reddit Wallstreebets retail investors want to speculate in markets what will regulators do

The recent Reddit rampage through stock markets has brought the issue of fair access to trading capital markets to the fore.

While the anger has been directed at institutions, there is a broader issue at play here for regulators; which is that they, as a matter of policy, routinely shut retail out of accessing trading/investing opportunities.

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Why It Sucks To Be A Regulator Right Now Part 2

Between the devil and the deep blue sea the pensive nugget

Furthermore, there are serious implications to simply banning people from accessing opportunities to trade/speculate/invest in markets, and that is, they never get to learn!

Because they never get to learn, they cannot acquire the skills needed to let their money work for them, which is the idea that the establishment so fervently sells to the masses.

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Why It Sucks To Be A Retail Broker Now Part 1

reddit horde angry with retail brokers about trading restrictions and blaming brokers for losing money trading

How dare they prevent us from making more money! How dare they help out the hedge funds whom we are squeezing to death!? The Reddit inspired crowd has been raging that retail brokers are against their clients, the little guys, that they only look out for the interests of Wall Street. But what if neither accusation is true, and retail brokers are really only looking out for themselves?

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