How To Trade Global Macro

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Do you pay attention to the FX markets? What about interest rates and commodities?

If you don’t, you need to start before global macro risks blindside you.

If you do, are you analyzing them in a way which effectively informs your trading or investing decisions?

MPN: How To Trade Global Macro
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Global macro trading, or investing, is more than just a strategy to profit from markets.

It is also a way of thinking, a perspective that every trader needs to learn in order to fully grasp the macro and systemic risks that affect them.

Regardless of whether you want to profit from macro cycles, learn how to analyze global markets to guide your investing decisions, or simply know when to hedge or exit, this course will teach you what you need to know.


What you will learn in this course:


  • The global macro trading process
  • How to think from a global macro perspective
  • How global macro affects you, even if you aren’t interested in it
  • Why you need to be able to think from a global macro perspective
  • How to conduct your own Cross Market Analysis
  • How to generate trade ideas from your Cross Market Analysis
  • Which macro macro markets to follow, and why
  • What pitfalls to look out for, and how to avoid them

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7 reviews for How To Trade Global Macro

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  1. Nabil K. (verified owner)

    I have always wanted to learn more about the macro side of things, specifically how to come up with trade ideas from looking at markets (I am a technical trader).

    Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of good material out there on the internet that teaches people how to do this. Everything is in bits and pieces, and it has been very frustrating for me to try to put all of them together.

    This course puts all of the pieces together very nicely, and in a manner that is very clear and easy to understand, in my opinion.

    It has taught me what I wanted to know, and more. If you are new to macro it can definitely help you. If you are more on the intermediate level, like me, there are some gems in here that can help you improve.

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  2. Jesse C. (verified owner)

    I am a value investor who likes picking stocks based on their fundamentals. The past 3 years (since 2020) have taught me that there are much bigger factors out there which affect the performance of my portfolio, particularly global bear markets.

    I purchased this course to get a better idea and understanding of how to prepare myself for these in order to not see the value of my investments halve in a matter of weeks.

    Having gone through the content, I now feel much more prepared, and know what to look for, and what to do.

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  3. Mark McCann (verified owner)

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  4. Roger C. (verified owner)

    The material in this course was well explained, concise, and very practical. I have already started to apply what I have learned in my analysis.

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  5. Rania Leigh (verified owner)

    Very obvious that this course was written by someone with a trading background, not academics, economists, TV talking heads, or people who only think in terms of economic theory.

    Very useful information that is immediately helpful.

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  6. Sim Spencer (verified owner)

    Informative and to the point.

    Taught me what I wanted to know about how to take a birds eye view of markets, and what it all means.

    Very happy with the purchase.

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  7. Georgia F. (verified owner)

    I got a good understanding on Macro, how they work, and definitely how to trade them in a well structured manner.

    After reading this course, I finally feel like I know what to do, and that I am not grasping around in the dark.

    This course pairs very well with the trading crisis one.

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