How To Make Money Trading A Crisis

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Every crisis creates a trading or investing legend, one who profits handsomely while everyone else suffers heavy losses.

Is it skill, or just dumb luck?

The truth is, everyone can make money trading a crisis, even you.

All you need is to know how.

MPN: How To Make Money Trading A Crisis
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If you are in search of an edge to elevate your trading success by capitalizing on the opportunities presented during crisis periods, this course will show you how.

It will teach you the rationales and trades that will allow you to profit from market crashes and panics, explaining why they work, and how they fit into a broader intellectual framework.

All that is required of you is an open mind, a desire to learn, and the willingness to challenge your existing perspectives and preconceived notions.

Let this course guide you, from preparation to profit.


What you will learn in this course:


  • Trade ideas to profit from market crises
  • Why these trade ideas work
  • How to maximize your trading profits during crisis periods
  • A roadmap to guide and inform your trading/investing decisions
  • How market crises occur
  • Why market crises occur
  • How global markets, and the global financial system, really function
  • About the global cycle which drives change in markets and the economy
  • To identify where markets stand in the global cycle

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  1. Sim Spencer (verified owner)

    Very useful. Tells you what to trade and what signs to look out for in markets, and why.

    Teaches a very different way of looking at markets, which will take time to learn.

    I skimmed through it the first time because I just wanted to know what trades to make etc. But I realized that learning why I should be making those trades is more important, and will be reading through this course much more slowly again.

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  2. Clarence B. (verified owner)

    Learned a TON after reading this course.

    The only negative I have is that the course is not very beginner friendly. If you are totally new to trading you will need to do some googling.

    The course does link to relevant resources and articles on the website, which is very helpful.

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  3. Terry Cohen (verified owner)

    I’ve been trading for a long time now, and have read or attended too many books, courses, conferences to count (spent so much money).

    Most of these were written or conducted by people who might have different trading ideas or approaches but who all thought in the same way. They make a big deal of bashing the “other side”, but fail to realize they are just the other side of the coin. Everyone thinks in the same way as taught by the textbooks and regurgitated by the financial press.

    This course is fundamentally different from all that, it is advertised as offering a different perspective, and it definitely does so. For that different perspective alone (which is SO difficult to find), it is worth the purchase price.

    The information included together with the perspective, what to trade, how markets really function together, the cyclical framework to follow and trade, etc. All of it is relevant not only to crisis periods, but trading and investing in general.

    Very happy I stumbled across this site and course!

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  4. Gavin Nichols (verified owner)

    Very informative.

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  5. Henry S. (verified owner)

    I purchased this course because I wanted to be prepared for what is coming after seeing stocks crash over the last few months.

    I was afraid that it would cover the same stuff that everyone else talks about on TV or online, but bought it anyway because it was so much cheaper than everything else out there. (Risk-reward was good lol)

    Turns out that this course is VERY DIFFERENT to anything I have read, learned or tried in my few years of trading. I learned so much from it, and it really challenged my thinking.

    Markets make so much more sense to me now, and I feel much better prepared. Thank you

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  6. Georgia F. (verified owner)

    Super informative and detailed.

    This course helped me to understand why financial cries keep happening no matter what the Fed, central banks, and governments do.

    It also clued me into the fact that these crises are opportunities to grow my wealth, and are not something to be feared – wonderful how a bit of knowledge and new perspectives can push us out of fear.

    Looking forward to apply what I have learned!

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