How To Create An Effective Trading Plan

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Do you have an effective trading plan?

If you don’t, you need one.

Build the foundation of your trading and investing success with this FREE course, which will teach you how to create a trading plan that suits your needs.


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Every successful trader and investor has a trading plan.

Not just any trading plan, but one that has been carefully constructed and tuned to their personal risk appetite, strategies, and perspectives.

The trading plan guides their decision making and risk management, serving as a method by which they can systematically control the few variables that can be controlled in the chaotic world of financial markets.

Do you have an effective trading plan?

If you do not, creating your own is essential groundwork that you must do to have any real hope of sustainable profitability.

Fortunately, creating one is not rocket science, and this course will take you through the requisite steps.

Your trading success begins here.


What you will learn in this course:


  • Why you need a trading plan
  • 3 essential components of any effective trading plan
  • The importance of choosing which markets to trade
  • How to enter positions logically and systematically
  • How to exit positions in a way that limits your risk, but not your upside
  • How to size your positions properly

The course will be made available for you to download after purchase.


8 reviews for How To Create An Effective Trading Plan

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  1. Sim Spencer (verified owner)

    Easy to understand and told me exactly what I needed to know to get started.

    Lots of free trading stuff out there these days, but this one I would have gladly paid some money for.

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  2. Kasey T. (verified owner)

    Good. Made me think about questions that I did not know that I needed to answer.

    (8) (0)
  3. Jessica C. (verified owner)

    (0) (0)
  4. Cherry L. (verified owner)

    I only had a vague idea of what a trading plan was supposed to be like before going through this course. I also thought that what I knew was enough. Just set a stop right?

    This course taught me that I have a lot more to learn about trading as a whole. It clearly explains what a trading plan needs to achieve, and lays out its component parts in an easy to understand manner.

    Another thing I did not realize before was just how rigorous my plan has to be. The course helped me to see that, and also guided me through the process of how to make it so.

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  5. Jeremy L. (verified owner)

    Already had a trading plan but this course made me realized it was not good enough. Highly recommended.

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  6. Rania Leigh (verified owner)

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  7. Henry S. (verified owner)

    This course taught me what to do, and why I needed to do it. It made me realize that I needed to take trading and markets much more seriously. Thank you

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  8. Wong Kit (verified owner)

    Detailed but would help if an executive summary is included right in front.

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